Many relatives, not only parents,

... have difficulties grasping the struggles of their child, especially when they themselves cannot or do not want to articulate it (yet). With my help you will learn what anorexia is and how you can support your child in its healing process.

To this end, I create a non-judgmental space for your concerns and fears, within which a constructive, goal-oriented conversation about anorexia becomes possible in the first place.

Based on my own experience, 

... I will answer your questions - as far as possible. Once the foundation of understanding has been laid, I develop concrete, individual strategies with you on how to support your child on the one hand and how to cope better with the situation yourself on the other.

I have suffered from anorexia nervosa myself for over ten years before I was able to move past it completely. Sharing the knowledge I gained in therapy about myself and the disorder with my family from the very beginning was a great help to them and to me. As a result, I have gained decades of experience in putting the dynamics and "workings" of anorexia into tangible words for healthy people.

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Do you belong to an educational institution

... school, vocational school, university, etc. or a counselling centre (self-help group, telephone counselling service) and would like to

  • raise awareness for the topic and / or
  • make your training content on the topic more lively with self-experience reports,

then please reach out to me.