My story in short:

As in so many things, it all began quite harmlessly.

My dentist asked me to stop chewing candy for the sake of my teeth and let it melt in my mouth instead. Since I couldn't do that, I gave them up altogether. "Too much sugar isn't good anyway", or so I thought a few weeks before my 13th birthday. Such a harmless entry into a downward spiral is typical.

The sugar issue quickly spilled over to fatty and carbohydrate-rich foods. With the firm conviction that I was protecting my body, the feeling of hunger gradually disappeared. Instead of fear, it triggered a deep fascination and curiosity about my physical limits. 

Without realizing it, the subject took on an ever greater significance in my life, I lost a massive amount of weight and my thoughts became increasingly auto-aggressive. The topics of control and perfection became the focus of my life. 

Part of claiming perfection was to have no problems whatsoever and maintaining the appearance of a strong, confident young woman. Consequently,So I lied through my teeth to hide the fact that control was increasingly being taken over by anorexia. Until it could no longer be hidden.

Soon, I started therapy and over the years I learned to control my eating behaviour and returned to a normal weight. Yet, the terror in my mind didn’t stop.

On top of that, I had a deep identity crisis at the age of 19. I became highly suicidal. 

By chance I learned about the “Klinik am Korso” in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany. I decided to give myself one last chance. The option to end my life could still be revisited afterwards.

At the clinic, I laid the foundation for my full recovery. About 7 years of work on my own psyche were still necessary until I could proudly consider this chapter of my life as a closed episode of my past. 

Various courses in the field of communication, personality development and emotion management and last but not least my training as a coach have enabled me to open my eyes to the position of the relatives. Helping them is a very personal concern of mine. 


„In this great place of pain and fear, we are developing this skill of saving our own lives by remembering how to love & support each other, remembering what makes us healthy.”


– Sonya Sophia, the World Tapping Circle –



Interdisciplinary curriculum vitae

My name is Ricarda Gerlinghaus. I was born in Germany in 1989.
My childhood dream was to become a professional stage dancer. I started my dance education at the age of 4 and was accepted into the Bachelor program "Modern Dance" at the “Konservatorium Wien Privatuniversität” in Vienna, Austria, at the age of 17.

After 2 years, I dropped out of the program for health reasons and switched to the law degree program at the University of Vienna, Austria.

During my studies, I discovered the human need for sociability and left Austria to study Hotel Management at the Swiss Hotel Management School in Lucerne, Switzerland. I successfully completed this education in March 2018.

Especially after my recovery from anorexia nervosa, I constantly continued my psychological education. Lately, I completed a 2-year training as a "Personal and Business Coach" at ILS and now work as a self-employed personal and business coach.

Education and training in the psychological field


  • practical seminar "meaning of life" - Dr. Migge seminars, Germany
  • pracitcal seminar "psychodrama" - Dr. Migge seminars, Germany


  • Certification Schema Coach - Dr. Migge seminars, Germany
  • practical seminar "Cognition" - Dr. Migge seminars, Germany
  • practical introduction seminar to "hypno-therapy" - Dr. Migge seminars, Germany
  • exam preparation healing practioner for psychotherapy - Institute for psychological education, Peter Winzen, Frankfurt, Germany
  • basis course psychotherapy - institute for psychological education, Peter Winzen, Frankfurt, Germany


  • practical seminar "Solution-oriented Coaching" - Dr. Migge seminars, Germany
  • practical seminar "Coaching Basics" - Dr. Migge seminars, Germany

2018 - 2020:

  • ILS distance learning course "Personal and Business Coach"

2017 - 2018:

  • Landmark Forum,
  • Orientation seminar "Relationships",
  • Landmark seminar "Efficiency",
  • Landmark advanced course

Since 2017:

2001 - 2011:

  • Behavioral therapy self-awareness

Peer groups / Intervision / Supervision

Language skills

  • German (mother tongue)
  • English (fluent)
  • French (fluent)
  • Spanish (fluent)